The site got a major re-vamp now that I finally switched to using Jekyll, something I got inspired into doing from my job, where is written using Jekyll.

Lots of things that was on my TODO are now fixed:

  • Permalinks to all blog posts
  • Pages that are not blog posts are easily available
  • Not all pages has to be listed in the main menu
  • It looks much better, really.

What I’d like to do for future updates is to have different blog streams, perhaps like Jeena does it with notes, images and posts, or perhaps just a specialized blog stream for a specific subject, such as programming. I assume the categories field in these pages will serve that purpose quite well, but it would be nice if it was possible to just add another stream, so that I could have any categories there as well, for example.

I would like to have an RSS feed, and I suppose there are plugins in Jekyll for that. Since it’s a static site generator, it would just regenerate the feed, which should be no biggie.

EDIT: Turns out an RSS feed was available by default, neat!