It’s been a while since I updated here. Some things that have happened since last update. I’m currently working on a project at work with a client in the US, which has given me the opportunity to see that country (I’ve never been there before).

The US surely is a strange country, and Portland, OR too. From not being completely ignorant about the world, I already knew some stuff about it of course, but you tend to see the smaller things once you’re there.

  • The dollar notes all look the same.
  • Most toilets use a shitload (pun intended!) of water.
  • Data traffic is apparently really expensive.
  • Here you can actually get all combinations of coke variants, like coke vanilla zero or diet cherry coke.

I’ve also been on vacation for two weeks. Me and my brother went to Kefalonia in Greece and enjoyed 14 days of doing nothing, eating gyros, drinking milkshakes and taking the occational swim in the ocean. The highlights for me was looking at the cool sea turtles in Argostoli, and having a great grilled calamari lunch there.

I still haven’t migrated from my old Core 2 Quad server to the newer J1800-based one.

UPDATE: The stuff that are being advertised on TV here is ridiculous and plays very well into the stereotypical image of americans.