Last Monday I got my driver’s license. Funny how things change when your life change. When I was 16, I started to practice for this license, and then after I graduated from high school, I moved from my parents’ house (and as a consequence: from the car I was practicing with) and it all sorta stopped. Back then I was rather motivated and me and my dad were driving quite a lot. Then I took it up again about a year ago.

It was interesting to see that I did not remember almost anything from how to drive but also my motivation was much smaller. Living in Gothenburg has its benefits from fast and cheap public transportation with mainly trams and buses. I realize now that if I had tried harder and been more motivated, I could’ve managed to do it all in three months time probably, instead of 12 months. Anyway, it’s a good thing to know how to drive.

Also: I today realized how much weaker the support for custom things like macros and functions are in qmake compared to cmake. Qmake has its benefits, sure, but when it takes half a day to get some code generation to work, then one of us surely has got a problem.

One last thing: I got a Guitar Hero guitar and some games, so finally I will be able to master that game! So far I can manage rather well on medium, or whatever the difficulty just above easy is called.