Yesterday, I went to all the stations in the Gothenburg tram network. It took a total of eight hours, of which approx. one hour was waiting time. I really wish there were more cycles in the network, because right now one basically has to go to the end station and then back almost to the city center, before being able to go in another direction. Although Kålltorp and Östra Sjukhuset is a good example of an existing cycle.

Also, the election did not went very well. While it looks like we will have a government based on the social democrats and the green party, the socialist party did not win lots of new votes (totaling 5.72%), and the racist party grew to almost 13%. Also the feminist initiative did not make the cut for riksdag, they got 3.12% of the votes. The coming four years will not be fun to watch, I’m telling you. I hope that we together can start talking about the more ideological issues with everyone, making it clearer what the differences are between left and right, and showing everyone, both with ideology and with real policy making, that the racists have no basis for their politics. Only then can we create a better society for everyone. You can check out the election results here.