So my thoughts about Happstack are still there, but is not under active development. In other news I just watched the trailer for the upcoming season of the walking dead, and it looks good!

I also reinstalled Debian on this server, and on my desktop (it was previously running Ubuntu), and I combined my storage disks into a RAID setup as well. I’m still not convinced of what is the best way to share the media to other devices. I have rygel running as a DLNA server and currently I mount the storage dir over sshfs to my desktop, but is that best? I used to do it over NFS before, and perhaps that is reasonable.

Tomorrow is election day here in Sweden. I’m very much hoping for a change of government (with a strong socialist party), an end to the racists position as weigher and an introduction of the feminist initiative into the riksdag. Although the social democrats have been looking like a bad copy of the conservatives lately, they still have a better ideology to build on, so I guess that’s something… That said, I’m worried that this will not be the case when all votes are counted. Worst case scenario is that the Alliance parties become larger than the rest, but still needing the support of the racists (who are looking to get upwards of 10% of the votes :/), giving them much more influence.