Continuum is getting more and more interesting the more I watch. I find it especially cool to see how the view of the corporations vs liber8 glides both between timelines and between people/the police/kiera in whichever timeline is active. Something I’m really looking forward to is the Blu-Ray release of the last season of Star Trek TNG, which should be coming some time in the early autumn!

Also, learning C++ has proven to be both interesting and weird. While being powerful, the language surely would benefit from being just C with OO+templates, but it’s just so much more, and for what reason?

Btw, I’m sort of looking for some kind of web publishing system that is lightweight but still can support stuff like sharing, permalinking and the such, much like the notes system that my co-worker Jeena has. Any pointers would be helpful.

Update as of 2017-11-12: I found a system for this, called Jekyll.