Just got back from Vietnam. This was the second time I visited the country, and was a huge difference compared to my first visit. Last year, we went to Hoi An, an ancient city in central Vietnam. Great food, good weather, lovely people and nice surroundings. This time, we went to Phu Quoc. Better weather, but worse food and not that much to do except swimming and sunbathing.

Some things that were cool though:

  • We visited a pepper farm that also made their own wine and beer
  • We visited the old Phu Quoc prison, used during the war by the south
  • We traveled in the world’s longest cable car, pretty cool.

Being back is nice even though the weather is -8 deg C here in Gothenburg, compared to 30 degrees in Phu Quoc. Still, after two weeks one tends to want something else to do, plus we feel super rested.