Yesterday I went to this years edition of the 90s festival here in Gothenburg. This year’s main act was Scooter, but there were a bunch of other more or less surprising artists performing, most notably Leila K, who made her first stage appearance in a long time! This festival gets me every time, as they throw in so many 90s artists that probably wouldn’t be touring on their own anymore, and every artist run like 3-4 songs. It’s like a good mix tape where you only get the good songs without having to buy an album from each artist!

Also, Markoolio performed, which to my surprise seemed to be one of the most appreciated acts, considering all his songs are more or less silly, but perhaps that’s what made it so popular. The whole festival is a bit ironic (but La Cream didn’t seem to understand that), so probably Markoolio fit in perfectly in that.

Probably most disappointing were Rednex. They sucked which is sad, but considering the band history I’m not surprised.

I would like to give this festival a perfect 5/7 score, but I’m gonna have to go with 8/10 instead. The toilet arrangements and sound issues due to wind drags the score down.