It’s been a while since I updated here. I still have plans for a nicer structure of this site, but as most other things, it’s been a dorment project lately. I am however planning to move this server to some new hardware. I realized my old Core 2 Quad from 2007 with equally old mobo, memory etc etc is neither fast nor environmentally friendly anymore. With that in mind, I bought a motherboard from Supermicro that has a built-in low-power CPU, support for HW RAID and should total no more than 20W (including disk drives) when up and running. I’m using an old subwoofer from a 2.1 speaker system I used to use. Given that the subwoofer’s inner dimensions are about 20cm and the motherboard is a m-ITX one, it’s a tight build. When it’s all finished, I will post some photos of it here.