I recently managed to score 99.70 on the infamous HVAM. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this song ever since the days of DS EuroMix 2 that Liseberg had back in 2003.

While 99.70 isn’t an exceptional score on most older DDR songs, HVAM is a song that nobody really likes, because it is riddled with double-steps. However, as I’ve come to realize, it’s not that many double-steps as most players may think. Let’s go through the chart, and ofc I mean the single expert chart.

I got the graphics for the chart from ddrfreak. You can download the full annotated chart as well, or just keep reading.

Update 2022-01-25: It was pointed out to me that HVAM can be played by spinning instead of double-stepping. This is certainly true, and while it looks very impressive, it is a LOT more difficult to pull off.

Beginning, double-steps!

I’ve tried to make some kind of sense of the beginning of HVAM, but it’s just double-steps all the way. From an FA perspective, this is the hardest part of the whole song.

I didn’t annotate this part of the chart because seriously, it’s just double steps, nothing to learn here, just pain.


I find the hardest thing about these jumps before the chorus to keep cool and not be early. Other than that, there is nothing special about them.

Chorus or whatever

This part has no double steps at all, provided that you start each run on the correct foot. There are a couple of cross-overs but that’s it. I’ve annotated this chart, as below. And while HVAM certainly is full of double-steps, the chorus part contains really nice cross-overs.

HVAM Chorus HVAM Chorus

Post-chorus and jumps

This whole part you can play like a normal person and be stressed about the jumps. You can do a cross-over just after the two down notes in a row, as well!

End stream

The end stream is just a single long stream of notes where there is a double-step on every 16th note, coinciding with the hospital-like beep in the song. Don’t double-step on any other notes than these, and you’ll be fine.

HVAM Ending

Video example