Since I started university in 2006 until perhaps 3 years ago, I’ve been constantly putting on weight. Mainly because I stopped exercising regularly and because I got worse eating habits. Before, I used to play soccer and table tennis two times a week each, both of which went to zero. At the same time, the amount of sandwhich lunches and pizzas skyrocketed, you get the picture.

At most, I’ve weighed around 131 kg, moving back and forth between 130 and 120 the last few years. But on March 8th this year, weighing 126,2 kg, I decided to try to lose weight, aiming for a weight of 100 kg, because that seemed like a more reasonable goal than the 83-ish that would put me at a BMI below 25.

I really hate it when diet articles etc tells people that anyone can do this and so on, so I won’t do any of that. What I did do though, is to eat less of everything, and play more DDR (= exercise, but that hasn’t been regular). I don’t expect this to work for anyone, but given that I used to eat a LOT, cutting down on food felt like the obvious choice.

It has been six months, so I figured I should evaluate somehow. Things went super fast initially but slowed down during summer and vacation time, because there are other things in life. I expect the rate of weight loss to go down even further the closer I get to 100 kg, but so far I’ve managed to keep it pretty much consistent.

Date Weight
2021-03-08 126.2
2021-03-23 121.2
2021-04-18 116.1
2021-06-11 111.2
2021-08-30 107.7
2021-09-08 107,4

Hopefully, before the end of the year, I’ll reach 100 kg.

Update with graph

It bothered me a bit that I couldn’t visualize the data in a nice way, so I ended up creating a graph using gnuplot, a free software program that can do EVERYTHING with plots that you ever wanted. Here’s how I did it:

set title "Tobsan's weight loss!"

set xlabel "Month and Year"
set xdata time
set timefmt "%Y-%m-%d:"

set ylabel "Weight (kg)"

# I want a wide graph
set size ratio 0.5625
set format x "%b -%y"

# weight.txt contains entries on the form YYYY-MM-DD: KG.X
plot 'weight.txt' using 1:2 with lines notitle, \
     'weight.txt' using 1:2 smooth sbezier notitle lw 2

Weight trend