Since mid-march, our cats have been allowed to be outdoors, which is great. They are still young, but their instincts for killing prey are well developed. This made me think of this comic by the oatmeal about how much cats kill.

Here’s a not-so-comprehensive list of what they have killed so far:

  • A squirrel
  • A vole
  • A magpie
  • A small snake (Anguis Fragilis)

  • Various smaller birds (mostly juveniles)
  • Countless small mice

A drawback of working from home is that we get a lot of these prey presented to us, either in the morning in the form of a corpse, or some time between morning and lunch usually, sometimes in the form of a living mouse. Fortunately for us, both cats are crazy about showing off, so they will meow loudly to get our attention to what they’ve caught.

Haskell with a mouse

Ada with a squirrel